Our History
January 16, 2019

June 16, 1938 – Date of Incorporation
La Coopérative Industrielle de St. Malo Ltée was incorporated on Wednesday, June 16, 1938. This new Co-operative in St. Malo consisted of a lumberyard and hardware store. The new Board got a loan of $5000.00 from the Caisse Populaire. Eugene Bourgeois became the General Manager and Joseph Morin became the lumberyard manager. After a few months room was made to carry the basics, sugar, flour, etc. for the population. The lumberyard carried windows and the lumber needed for the construction of homes.

In 1939 the incorporated letters were given to La Coopérative Industrielle de Saint-Malo Ltée.

In 1944 the Co-op bought the J. A. Goulet property. The Co-op is re-located to this property.

In 1945 a proposition is made:
1. The General Manager cannot be a director.
2. No family members of a director can be employed at the Co-op.
3. A director cannot be elected if a family member works at the Co-op

1954 - Isidore Forest is elected to go to a meeting held January 5th at the Hotel Malborough. The meeting was held to decide if Manitoba Co-op wholesale would amalgamate with Saskatchewan Federated Co-operative.

1956 - September 27th the Grand Opening of a new addition of 30x50 feet to the store was celebrated

In 1971 the Co-op official opening of selling Liquor in the store was celebrated.

In 1988 the 50th Anniversary was celebrated. The event took place on October 18th - 22nd with coffee and cookies and a BBQ. There was a draw for a video recorder and television - anyone making a $50 purchase received two entries into the draw. It was announced that a feasibility study was being done for a new store.
The feasibility study was being looked at by the Board and FCL. At the Annual meeting in February of 1990 the members decided to go forward despite the hesitation and doubts at the conclusion of the study. FCL rallied behind the membership and contributed $25,000. All construction was provided by local businesses.

1990 - the new store was constructed. After the new store is complete the old store was destroyed and the two new buildings emerged - a food store and a lumberyard. Even with stiff completion the lumberyard still existed and was known for it's fence posts. At the beginning the Co-op was a lumberyard in 1990 it had grown to include lumberyard, grocery, hardware, meats and liquor. 1990 also saw the Co-op receive a plaque from FCL for the Most Improved Image Award.

1993 - At the Annual Meeting on February 15th it was announced that, in May, the last payment for the new building would be made. This was after only 3 years! From April 26 to May 1 this was celebrated with sales, draws and on the Saturday a BBQ served by the Board of Directors

In 2011- the Coulombe Store was purchased and the two buildings were joined to make the Main Store as it sits today.

In 2012 -the Métis Gas Bar was purchased which is in operation today as the Co-op Gas Bar and Convenience Store.

In September 2017 the Lumber portion of the business was closed due to the competive market.