Community Investment
January 16, 2019

Donation Policy – We will provide $20,000 per year for donations $10,000 for the period December to June and $10,000 from July to November. First period requests must be received by October 30th and 2nd period requests must be received by May 31st. The criteria is: increase the outreach of the Co-op; Promote the vales of the Cooperative movement; support and promote the community; support the community where the Co-op works; support education and healthy lifestyles. Each application will be reviewed and weighed on its merits.

We are committed to Sustainability.  We will now be charging $.05/single use grocery bag.  All funds collected will be donated, every 3 months, to a non profit organization within our community.  Any non profit organization interested in this program please contact Helen Watson at the Administration office (upstairs at the Gas Bar) to be considered for our list.